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Mandrill Adult Face Mask

What has a red nose, red lips, a golden beard, is strong and muscular, and very noisy? A mandrill, of course! The San Diego Zoo’s first mandrills arrived in 1923, and soon our mandrill breeding program began. Your new mask showcases this gorgeous animal’s amazing coloration, unique in every way! Each mask is discreetly branded San Diego Zoo & Safari Park.

These 3 layer masks include a filter pocket for added protection. The outer layer is polyester/spandex while the inner layers are 100% cotton. One PM2.5 activated carbon filter is included. Elastic ear loops with adjustable buckles and a nose wire provide all day comfort. Machine wash; tumble dry low. Made in China.

Adult size 7.5” W x 5.5” H is recommended for age 8 above.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of this item, we cannot offer returns/refunds/exchanges. Thank you for understanding.