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Hyacinth Macaw Eco Plush - 12 Inch

Hyacinth macaws are one of the largest species of parrot. They are beautiful, and smart, and can even mimic human speech. They have a blue body of feathers, a solid black beak, and yellow circling their eyes and the lower part of their beak. Ours sits up at about 12 inches tall and is filled with 100% recycled water bottles. You may catch them flying around the San Diego Zoo in the mornings. 


  • See the Hyacinth Macaws in person at San Diego Zoo!
  • Our deep blue Hyacinth Macaw has yellow around its eyes and beak
  • Sit approximately 12" tall


  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Surface clean only
  • Plush imported - Designed in the USA

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