ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way


Now available in Paperback.

We’ve been delighted with the reception we’ve received for Roar: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World Famous San Diego Zoo Way since it was published in 2016. This paperback edition of Roar is a 2016 snapshot of a powerful resilience approach that clearly is having transformative impact in many organizations today.

Since Roar was published, we have shared its story with more than 10,000 leaders—many of whom have roared out loud as a declaration of their own resilience. We have discovered that the concept of “the roar” has touched people in ways beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

What leader doesn’t want to “roar” with purpose and passion—or to get your team roaring with purpose and passion? When you do, you and your team are more focused, engaged and innovative. You rise above disruption, embrace change, and generate breakthrough performance.  You become more resilient.

The ideas embodied in Roar have proven to be universal and fundamental to people’s success regardless of their culture, ethnicity, pay grade, or sphere of influence. 

In fact, this book has sparked a movement to approach resilience as a core leadership competency. 

It also has become a springboard for personal, professional, and business growth worldwide.

Using an innovative Resilience at Work model, this book offersinspiration and actionable guidance for how to:

  • Attract the best employees through integrity and respect
  • Enhance well-being and happiness for superior performance
  • Nurture enhanced engagement with the organization's mission
  • Take control of time and energy
  • Encourage courageous conversations to forge trust and loyalty
  • Raise talented new leaders to take the mission forward

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