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SDZWA x BRITTO Postcard 8-Pack Set

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance has partnered with world-renowned artist Romero Britto on a series of artwork that features wildlife in vibrant, bold, and colorful patterns. Britto’s work represents the importance of conservation, the urgency of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s mission and a renewed hope and awareness to the importance of saving wildlife worldwide.

Help spread the message of conservation with this exclusive Britto postcard set. These postcards are so memorable that you'll want to save them for mailing to only your nearest and dearest!


  • Set comes with 8 glossy postcards displaying Britto's exclusive "Wildlife Alliance" artwork
  • Set comes complete with 2 full mural scenes and 6 iconic wildlife designs
  • Featuring Romeo Rhino, Royal Lion, Majestic Polar Bear, Penguin Swag, Elephant Queen & Koala Love


  • Traditional postcard size 4 1/4" x 6"
  • Comes with 8 postcards wrapped in a belly band
  • Postcard set made the U.S.A.

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