The Call: The Strategic Plan That Empowered San Diego Zoo Global to Lead the Fight Against Extinction

Do you struggle to balance the aspirations of your organization with the realities of its resources? Do you dream of exponential change but can’t imagine how you will get your stakeholders to rally around your vision?

For many years, San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) wrestled with its purpose . . . until it implemented a new breed of strategic plan known as The Call. This groundbreaking book details how SDZG transformed itself from an entity known primarily for its excellence in managed animal and plant care to a conservation organization focused on leading the fight against extinction. Written by SDZG’s former chief strategy officer, Beth Branning, The Callprovides engaging stories and time-tested advice for leaders in any field who want to deliver on their organization’s mission.

“I love this book! It should be on the reading list for every MBA and nonprofit leadership student. Beth Branning exquisitely describes what leaders need to do to advance their missions.”  —Denise McNerney, President., Association for Strategic Planning

 “SDZG has been a wildlife conservation partner in Australia for a long time. As their strategic plan provided them with the clarity to take on a new role in the conservation landscape, I saw them really step up . . . to facilitate more effective conservation outcomes between various groups and agencies.”  John Berry, President, American Australia Association; former US Ambassador to Australia

 "SDZG’s commitment to strategic planning and implementation helped AAM at a tough time in our history. We’ve been devout strategic planners ever since.” Laura L. Lott, President/CEO, American Alliance of Museums (AAM)