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  • Children's Book: Ty the Quiet Giraffe

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    2020 Gold Winner - Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards

    At first, everyone noticed Ty the giraffe. He’s hard to miss. But Ty is quiet. He doesn’t like to interrupt, and he never shouts out. He likes to think before answering. He pays attention to details and notices things that others don’t. But the other animals think Ty is too quiet. They think he never has anything to say. Can he even speak at all? Pretty soon, they stop noticing him. That is until Ty shows them that everyone has something important to say.

    Ty’s heartwarming story, written by Carrie Hasler and illustrated by Barbara Ball, is San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press’ first children’s picture book. The story helps teach kids about acceptance and the importance of friendship, and also includes fun facts about giraffes.

    Book printed in the USA

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