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    February 16, 2023 3 min read

    In the Valley of the Gentle Giants

    Creating a Haven for the World’s Largest Land Mammal

    Imagine wandering through the heart of the African savanna, immersed in the sights and sounds of the grasslands. Vistas on either side of the path transport you to a place filled with wonder as you experience up close the sheer majesty of connecting with a herd of African elephants. It’s where wildlife dreams meet reality. It’s the Denny Sanford Elephant Valley at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

    A Place Like No Other

    Stepping into the world of Elephant Valley, you will feel a powerful bond with wildlife as you walk in tandem with the largest land mammals on the planet. Their mammoth size, silent strength, and graceful movements will leave you awestruck. Elephant Valley will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before—and unlike anywhere else on Earth.

    Construction began recently on the multisensory experience, which takes place near ponds and trickling streams that flow into expansive watering holes. To date, we have raised $38 million from nearly 3,000 donors toward our $60 million fund-raising goal. In Elephant Valley, you’ll be able to join the herd and observe as they gather to swim, splash, and cool off together on hot summer days. These streams will also flow into wetland habitats featuring an incredible variety of impressive birds, including storks and cranes.

    Across from the watering holes, grassy meadows will become the perfect place for family picnics, giving you unparalleled opportunities to connect at eye level with wildlife care specialists and elephants, as the herd dips into the watering holes directly in front of you.

    During your expedition, shaded rest areas line the pathway, so you can relax and “live” among the elephants. And with the family of elephants just a few feet away, these serene moments will give you the incredible opportunity to make eye contact with one another, creating a powerful connection that lasts a lifetime.

    A Thriving World for All

    As global leaders with more than 100 years of elephant care expertise, we share a century of knowledge and experience with partners around the globe. Elephant Valley will become a reimagined haven for our family of elephants and the epicenter of our conservation efforts to protect, save, and care for elephants worldwide. Since 2016, SDZWA has partnered with the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, where orphaned elephant calves are nurtured and their futures brightened. It’s an inspiring, special place where communities have come together for the benefit of elephants and people alike. The creation of Elephant Valley is exciting—and that enthusiasm is spreading. “I can’t wait for our guests to experience a completely reimagined Elephant Valley here at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park,” says Lisa Peterson, Safari Park senior vice president and executive director. “I’m passionate about this one-of-a-kind transformation, because it offers a whole new way to connect with our elephant family, and it shines a light on the ways we’re all connected, too. Elephant Valley is where your family and our elephant family become one.”

    Get ready for your venture into Elephant Valley by purchasing swag featuring these gentle giants. From elephant t-shirts and hoodies, and pachyderm plush, we have something for your entire herd. Sip your coffee from your elephant mom and baby mug, or decorate your favorite room with trendy tusker giclées. We have something for every elephant lover. Help secure the future for elephants and shop here. Just as an “An Elephant Never Forgets” we will not forget your support!


    Elephant Merchandise 


    *As seen in the January/February 2023 issue of The Journal.

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