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  • Children's Book: A Wish for Pangolin

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    Preeya the pangolin and her pup Chatri discover that their home in the rain forest of Thailand has become too dangerous. As the only mammals with scales, pangolins are some of the most unusual animals in the world. But, they are being hunted to the brink of extinction. With danger on the rise, Preeya and Chatri find human footprints nearby and must find a new, safer home deep in the forest. As they search for one, the pangolins find some unexpected help from their forest friends along with a renewed sense of hope for the future.

    The pangolins’ inspiring story, written by Carrie Hasler and illustrated by Christina Wald, is published by the award-winning San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press. The story teaches children about the importance of being kindhearted and having hope, and also includes fun facts about pangolins.

    32-page, hardcover book. Recommended for ages 4-8 years.