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  • Mosi Musa: A True Tale about a Baby Monkey Raised by His Grandma

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    2020 Gold Winner - Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards

    Mosi’s grandmother was there for him right from the start! Mosi Musa is a heartwarming, hardcover children’s book that features the true story about Mosi Musa, a baby vervet monkey at the San Diego Zoo, who had a challenging start to life because his mother showed no interest in caring for him. When Mosi’s Grandma Thelma steps in to raise him, wildlife care specialists are relieved. Although the human caretakers need to bottle feed the tiny monkey, Grandma Thelma does the rest: cuddling, grooming, and protecting him. Together, Mosi and Grandma Thelma show how special—and important—grandmas truly are. 

    Mosi Musa’s endearing story, written by Georgeanne Irvine, is illustrated with engaging photographs. The book also includes a section featuring fun facts about vervet monkeys!

    Mosi Musa, published by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press, is part of its Hope and Inspiration Series.

    See what our readers have to say...

    “Mosi Musa is truly a “story of hope and inspiration” that will grab the heart of the reader. This vervet monkey and his struggles to find his place and survive without a mother’s care is answered by the love given by Mosi’s Grandma Thelma. This story highlights the value of extended family and the care given by the wildlife care specialists. Love and support can sometimes come from surprising places!” Kris Flynn, retired educator and reading specialist, San Diego County Office of Education and WestEd

    "OMG! This book is so cool. My son literally squealed with delight the whole way through it and then we reenacted scenes with his stuffed animals afterwards. We are going to the Zoo tomorrow so we can visit the monkeys!" Leah Tomey, San Diego, California

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