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  • Amazing Omeo: A Baby Koala's True Story of Survival

    2024 Silver Winner - Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards

    Omeo the koala spends his days munching on eucalyptus leaves and napping in his favorite tree at the San Diego Zoo. But life didn’t start out so easy and relaxing for this young koala. When Omeo was just five months old, his mother passed away after an illness. Most koala babies this young do not survive without their mothers’ care. Koala joeys spend their first six months in their mothers’ pouches. Only then do they start emerging for short periods of time.

    Without a mother to care for him, the Zoo’s wildlife care and veterinary teams stepped in to raise Omeo. It was his only chance to survive! Leaving the pouch so young meant Omeo faced many challenges. Would this little marsupial beat the odds?

    This is the amazing true story of Omeo the koala, his will to survive, and the wildlife care team who helped save him.

    Omeo's heartwarming story, written by Georgeanne Irvine, is illustrated with engaging photographs. The book also includes a section featuring fun facts about all koalas!

    Amazing Omeo, published by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press, is part of its Hope and Inspiration Series.

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