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  • Saving Moka: The True Tale of a Rescued Tiger Cub

    2021 Gold Winner - Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards

    Moka’s rescue from wildlife smugglers was a new beginning to his young life! This heartfelt, hardcover children’s book is the true story about Moka the tiger cub, his rescue from wildlife traffickers, and the people—and tiger friend—who helped save him. Moka was just a few weeks old when wildlife traffickers tried to smuggle him into the U.S. from Mexico. After the tiny tiger was rescued by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer, he was taken to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park where veterinarians and wildlife care specialists provided him with a safe and nurturing home. Moka’s life changed again when Rakan, another young tiger cub in need of a home, came to live with him at the Safari Park. But, being born into the world of wildlife trafficking would soon bring some unexpected health challenges to Moka.

    Moka’s dramatic story, written by author Georgeanne Irvine, is illustrated with engaging photographs. The book also includes a section featuring fun facts about tigers and 10 things kids can do to help wildlife!

    Saving Moka, published by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press, is part of its award-winning Hope and Inspiration Series.

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